Project Novy Smichov grows


Midletsoft’s ambitious concept location project in Prague, Czech Republic continues to grow — 3 stores and soon to be more. Read more about how Jellingspot Data Server is changing history at the Novy Smichov Shopping Center in Prague, Czech Republic …
index29 gets Jellingspot enabled


Greco-Czech fast food player
joins Midletsoft’s Project Novy Smichov. Read more about how they are using Jellingspot Data Server to provide new services to potential customers …



App developers you can trust

Midletsoft is a mobile app development company with advanced practice in mobile solutions.

The extensive competence of our team allows us to work across a broad range of platforms and programming languages.

We began creating mobile apps in 2007, and since then we have been helping businesses to innovate and launch successful mobile services.

We have built a company expressly for the purpose of small and medium business in satisfying their application development needs.

Android vs IPhone. Whatever! We do it all

Midletsoft crafts apps on all of the most popular platforms including Android, iOS and cross platforms.

Our app developers will help you to choose the best solution for your business according to your goals and the needs of your customers.

Midletsoft’s team is obsessive about providing clients with successful businesses solutions and services.

Our greatest value is our team

We are proud of our outstanding in-house team of 60 employees: analysts, UI/UX designers, developers and managers.

All of them are working hard to deliver successful mobile apps and excellent services for our clients.

Members of the mobile app developers team have relevant experience and skills in:

  • design, development, test and release processes
  • iOS, Android and cross platforms
  • creating web solutions

Our team will engineer the exact solution for your needs, ultimately making your business more intelligent and profitable.

How do we work?

Our best projects start with detailed preparation, which allows us to become the best in a field. Our works gain five star rating on app’s market (AppStore, PlayMarket) and make our clients totally happy.

We offer all range of application development services, such as target audience researchers, elaboration of strategies, app prototyping and design.

Through interviews and surveys, we discover everything about the target audience, who our users are and what they would like most of all.

Our fundamental approach helps us to ensure the product is going to meet their needs and eliminate frustration.

Tactics include:

  • user interviews
  • user surveys
  • persona definition
  • user’s habits analysis

After that we search and find business and market insights. Synthesizing the user, business, and market insights are the beginning of the strategy deployment process.

We help our clients to efficiently meet the challenges they face. We formulate a product strategy that’s steeped in user-centered research, market analysis, and technical expertise.

Tactics include: concept testing and validation, product roadmapping, technical architecture mapping.

Each client is unique, so we are trying to adapt all our process for situation and needs.

We love our clients

We work with some of the world’s top organizations and brands, from Fortune 500 companies to startup projects and nonprofits.

Midletsoft ­has designed, developed, and delivered over 100 successful applications that engage and delight users.

Our portfolio includes many best-in-class consumer and enterprise applications including entertainment, media, healthcare, lifestyle, ecommerce, real estate, retail, education, and gaming.

Five reasons why you should hire us

  1. We’ve built over 100 successful apps
  2. Extensive competence of our team on all of the most popular platforms
  3. Wide range of services
  4. Client oriented approach
  5. We gain outstanding results

Midletsoft ­is a mobile app development company that you have deserved.